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[Report] State of the VDI/SBC Union Survey Results

Find out the results of the annual VDI/SBC survey

It is done! The industry’s biggest annual survey has been conducted and responses have been captured in a report that is available for free download here.

The goal of the survey, executed by Ruben Spruijt, CTO Atlantis Computing, and Mark Plettenberg, Product manager Login VSI, is to share insights about usage, configuration and trends in the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Server Based Computing industry, ‘the State of the VDI and SBC Union’.

For the first time this year ControlUp also provided valuable information of the usage of VDI and SBC with almost one million concurrent users and more than 800 customers. The results and our information combined are available in the full report.

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State of the VDI and SBC union survey results

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